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With MyGutterGuards you can conveniently compare prices and options among top gutter brands for free. If you're in the market for new gutters, MyGutterGuards is a simple and easy service for finding the right gutter guards and filters. Stop worrying about clogs and leaks in your gutters and let us find you the best gutters at the best prices!

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Why Gutters Matter

Maybe you haven't given a lot of thought to your gutters, but if they're working properly they can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in water damage to your home. Water leaks can be an expensive problem. If you have a home with a basement, water damage costs can be especially extreme. Unseen leaks can lead to mildew and mold that can be pricey to get rid of. It might be time to pay more attention to your home's gutters and the money they can save you.

Gutter Systems vs. Water

Water often has a way of finding paths into your home no matter how water-proof you think it is. According to State Farm Insurance, surface water around the foundation of your home is one of four central causes of wet basements. Your gutter system is your primary defense against intruding water. Gutters should be regularly inspected for deterioration or clogs that could lead to water overflow. Homeowners often don't understand just how important gutters are until they end up paying for damages caused by a poorly-maintained gutter system.

Protect Yourself with Gutter Covers

Is your home surrounded by tall trees? If so, you may need gutter covers if you don't already have them. Leaves and other tree debris are a major source of clogging, and gutter covers can keep your gutter system unclogged and save you the time of having to unclog them regularly yourself. Gutter covers prevent debris from accumulating in your gutter system, and they can usually be installed in just a few hours. Though pricing varies, the average cost of gutter covers is around $8-20 per foot, including installation.

Can Gutters Look Good?

If you want your gutters to be invisible, go with aluminum. It's affordable and you can match the color to your home. Five inch aluminum gutters typically cost between seven and nine dollars a foot for parts and labor.

Gutters don't have to be inconspicuous. Copper gutter systems are an especially attractive way to heighten the look of your home. Copper gutters come in a variety of styles, from conventional K-style to a more rustic half-round. Copper gutters typically go for around twelve to sixteen dollars a foot. While copper is more expensive than aluminum, it ages with style.

If you want it cheap and easy, vinyl is a good option. Vinyl gutters come in an array of colors, cost around two dollars a foot, and installation is usually very affordable.